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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

As a string of mysterious killings grips Seattle, Bella, whose high school graduation is fast approaching, is forced to choose between her love for vampire Edward and her friendship with werewolf Jacob.

As a string of mysterious killings grips Seattle, Bella, whose high school graduation is fast approaching, is forced to choose between her love for vampire Edward and her friendship with werewolf Jacob.


  1. julia santana says:

    I LOVE IT !

    saw it todayy, soo good !
    10/10 !

    you need to see it !!

  2. lolo says:

    i didnt like it
    i loved it
    really really really loved it

  3. Ingeborg says:

    It`s the best movie EVER!

  4. a8inacy says:

    I saw it today,awesome,funny and romantic!!Love it.you have to see it!!!LOVE TWILIGHT:addicted to it!!

  5. jhaye says:

    i like the movie… i just hate Jacob!!!!!!

  6. mariafernanda says:

    ther 2 tinghs in this movie that i love this movie is so romantic and the acturs dus edward jacob and bella I’m addicted to the movie twiligt alles wich dis name i love of the song thi full moon so cool xoxoxo i love this moviee this the best movie dan ever I cryy so much in this movie because is so romantic and and i don no waht more to see about this moviee I’m from colombia but I leave hieer in arubaa

  7. JULZZEEE says:

    i lovvveeddd thee moooviiee the best part wazzzzzzzz when edward purposed to bella it wazz so cutee i loveeedd it. !

    i actually liked jacob in this movie.

    but i looovvvee edward !

  8. ANASTASIA says:


  9. Alicia says:

    i love this move i would watch it over and over again a million times LOL its one of the best movies ever

  10. james says:

    it was great

  11. Ellie x says:

    omg! i watched the movie today!! it was the most epiccest thing ever!!! ILOVED IT! specially the lines! they were really funny! Jacob looked HOT! THEY CHANGED VICTORIA !!! :O The proposal was sweett!!! the ring was so pretty!! But one thing: DO NOT WATCH IT WITH YOUR PARENTS AROUND!!! ;D ALOT OF MAKE-OUT SCENES! the movie was the best ! it was MUCH MUCH better than Twilight and New Moon! if u havent watched it yet…. WATCH IT!!!! :D

  12. kate says:

    this movie is best i hate jacob he just dis2rbing the movie but i hav question is it really the ending? thus bella really became a vampire? in my oppion this is not the end ther will be a 4th twiligth saga hope so but i really love edward i hope he will come to the philippines especially in cebu edward grant my wish

  13. Madalina says:

    the film is :o…great…absolutly…and jacob wow…is so gorgeous..is the best film ever…

  14. a8inacy says:

    The 4th book will be separated in two parts movie. For those who haven’t read the books,READ THEM.especially the last one. the 2 last movies will be really awesome according to the book. and Kate,Bella will become a vampire but extraordinary things will happen till the end so read the book! I cant wait for the other two..Loveeeeee Twilight!!!

  15. Someone says:

    of course is no the end! i heard from a really closer source that breaking dawn gonna split in 2 movies, and i think is awesome ’cause in that way we can give the fans what they really wanna see, of course is gonna be a few changes, otherwise the movie could be Only adult clas.
    about eclipse i hope you liked it, the movie just don’t get end as in the book, because that is how the next is gonna start :)
    have a good day everyone

  16. billy bob billy bob billy bob jr. jr. jr. jr. the III says:

    OMGAHHHHHD! i love all the twilight series and ohhhh jacob is smokin hottttt bby! (; ohhhhh people who hate jacob you got a problem. edward is the one ya’ll should be talking bout badly.

  17. dearbhla says:

    oh,my fuckin god i absoutly love dis movie its my favourite 1 so far i love wen jake says ” i’m hotter then you”

  18. Rebecca says:

    i saw it today! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im obsessed with twilight! i LOVE JACOB,,,,,,cant wait for breaking dawn! team jacob:)

  19. Tamar says:

    @Kate… there is another one, called Breaking Dawn, the book is on sale, i read it and its amazing, i recommend it to you highly

  20. Marcus Simpson says:

    Jacob is sooo hot if u say he sucks you suck

  21. jennifer says:

    jacob is so cute

  22. Bader says:

    the movie was awesome and i have just scene breaking dawn part 1 and it was a blast can`t wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. jane nicolas says:

    i love twilight one of my favourite movies cant wait for part 2…

  24. christina askew says:

    loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. wendy malefo says:

    i watched the movie and fell in love with it,the way edward fly with the lady.can’t wait to watch next part.

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