The death of movie producer Tony Garnett has been announced on Twitter by his production company

Tony Garnett was born on the third April 1936 and his death was announced as 12th January 2020. He was a British film and television producer, and actor and best known for his long association with the British director Ken Loach and recently the BBC smash hit ‘Bodyguard‘.

Garnett was born in Birmingham, and lost both his parents when he was five years old. His mother died from the after-effects of an illegal back-street abortion, and his father committed suicide nineteen days later. 

Garnett was subsequently raised and brought up by an aunt and uncle. He studied at university but spend most of his time acting in the Drama Society and on television. 

He first appeared on TV in the BBCs series of eight of Shakespeare’s contiguous history plays. This was followed by a number of television plays and eventually led to his meeting and working with the British director ken Loach.

This association with Loach led to their collaboration on a number of seminal dramas including, Cathy Come Home (1966), the feature film Kes based on a Barry Hines novella and in 1971 Family Life. His last production with Loach was Black Jack in 1979.



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